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18 years experience

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Film Solutions from Start to Finish

Barry offers movie ratings solutions tailored to your needs. From scriptwriting and live consulting to post-production and MPAA submission, he has the knowledge and experience to save you money, time, film content & aggravation

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Pre-Script, Script Analysis, and Pre-Shooting

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Film Shooting

Live, On-Set, & Remote Consulting

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Post Production

Includes Lighting, Sound and Visual

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Submission to MPAA

Logistics, Strategy and Negotiations


More Than Just Film Ratings

Barry's involvement in the industry extends to:

Press & Media

Podcasts, articles and industry advice & information featuring Barry's experience

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Film Schools

Barry is a valuable resource for aspiring filmmakers both domestically and globally

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International Film

Not in the U.S.?
No problem, and all the more reason to lean on the industry expert



"Barry was responsive, constructive and knowledgeable. His report was key to us understanding our film and how it may be received by the MPAA and US market."

Nicky Earnshaw

Pinewood Pictures

"Barry's business background means he shares the entrepreneurial spirit that animates filmmakers. His deep experience as a film rater means he possesses unsurpassed knowledge of how the movie ratings process works. This combination makes Barry a unique and valuable resource."

Chris Riley

The Hollywood Standard

"Barry was able to analyze our rough cut, scene by scene, clarify the changes we would have to make and how these changes could be made without creative harm. He gave us options. He understood the content."

Ed Elbert

Producer, Martian Child

"Barry is a smart and careful consultant whose time working with the MPAA has given him great insight into all aspects of the rating process. He has great historical  knowledge of how the system has changed and what are likely changes to  come  as the cultural outlook transforms."

Jonathan Sanger

Producer — The Elephant Man, Vanilla Sky, & Marshall (2016)

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