Film Rating Services

From scriptwriting and live consulting to post-production and MPAA submission

Scriptwriting & Pre-Shoot

Pre-Script, Script Analysis, Pre-Shooting

For producers looking for a ratings heads up based on the written word, and to give direction to the director so that he/she can shoot unedited AND with a specific rating in mind.

Live Consulting

Live, On-Set, and Location Consulting

To advise directors in real time, either on location or via Skype. A time and money saver while the talent in front of the camera is still available.


Post-Production & Film Ratings

Providing the filmmaker with suggested edits while working with all necessary support crew including sound and lighting personnel.

Film Submission

MPAA Consulting & Film Submission

For the filmmaker who has NO ratings issue, submission includes being the contact person and providing online paperwork submission, securing the earliest possible screening date, handling of the screener and negotiation of the descriptor when necessary.

For ratings issues, involvement includes submission strategy, edit suggestions, negotiations with the MPAA as necessary (using film comps and other industry knowledge), and providing communication and project management on behalf of the filmmaker.

Press & Media

Podcasts, articles and industry advice & information featuring Barry's experience

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Film Schools

Barry is a valuable resource for aspiring filmmakers both domestically and globally

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International Film

Not in the U.S.?
No problem, and all the more reason to lean on the industry expert


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