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Film Ratings and the MPAA—FilmSkills

The MPAA is responsible of issuing the ratings we see in a movie - G, PG, PG-13, R, and NC-17. The rating your film receives has a direct impact on the willingness of distributors to pick-up your film, and your film's revenue potential

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Barry provided a workshop along with Producer Dennis Aig of Unbranded. He discussed the when's why's & how's of ratings, using the award winning Unbranded as an example.

From PG to NC-17: When and Why Your Film Needs an MPAA Rating

70th Annual UFVA (University Film & Video Assocations) Conference at Green Valley Resort in Las Vegas 

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In addition to helping filmmakers reach their rating goals, Barry also instructs aspiring filmmakers - producers, directors, screenwriters, post-production personnel and film financiers - about the ratings system.

This includes information about rating elements, how to prepare at the earliest stages of the process, how to edit/tweak your script or film for best results and all aspects of submitting a film to the MPAA for rating.  Barry enjoys guest speaking, providing workshops and customizing his consulting specifically for his audience, and their feedback is invaluable to him.

He has spoken at prestigious schools such as UCLA's Producers Program and USC's School of Cinematic Arts and his presentation is both interactive and practical for both students and faculty alike.

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